Court records assert Conway man charged with killing his mother stored the body in the freezer and intended to utilize her money for a DJ business


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Conway, Arkansas – In the case of a Conway man accused of killing his mother and then trying to convince friends and relatives that she had fled to Hawaii, court filings are providing further information.

The two-week search for Raymond Martin Jr.’s mother, Nancy Glover-Warren, and the detectives’ alleged months-long fraud to make it seem as though she had moved thousands of miles away on a whim were both covered in the probable cause statement submitted by the prosecution against him.

In actuality, according to authorities, Martin allegedly choked his mother following a quarrel and concealed her body in a freezer while stealing money from her bank accounts.

Even though the detectives’ investigation into Glover-Warren’s whereabouts didn’t begin until June 24, they claimed to have discovered that she hadn’t spoken to anyone since April 17, when police were called to a disturbance just a short distance from the house she shared with Martin and another adult child who had cognitive difficulties.

Officers reported finding Glover-Warren outside the vehicle during that incident, and they claimed Martin had informed them that his mother was “acting erratic and had been drinking.” Martin, according to the cops, stated that Glover-Warren’s “mental health was declining due to a fall and multiple strokes.”

The following communication, according to family relatives, was made on April 20 to let Glover-Warren know about a death in the family. Detectives claimed that this was the time the first communication from Glover-Warren emerged, stating that she was leaving for Hawaii and would not attend the burial.

The family stated that they found it strange that Glover-Warren would leave town without giving any prior notice or arranging for care for her adult kid who needed it and for whom Glover-Warren had been responsible for all of the child’s life.

Family members contacted the police after failing to video call Glover-Warren on her birthday, June 24, and officers went to her home in the 400 block of Zachary Trail to check on her wellbeing.

Family members claimed to have received fresh texts purporting to be from Glover-Warren shortly after officers arrived, in which she purported to be upset that the police had been called and ashamed that they had spoken to her neighbors.

After receiving a new batch of texts, family members reported to detectives that Glover Warren claimed to have spent her life taking care of her family and that it was now time for her to enjoy retirement. Additionally, it was stated in the conversations that Glover Warren had begun a relationship with a woman in Hawaii who was “very happy and carefree.”

Family members allege Martin texted them as well, telling them that his mother was unhappy and that he and Glover-Warren had spoken with police, despite the fact that the police officer had confirmed there had been no contact with either at that time.

As part of their ongoing investigation, police spoke with neighbors, acquaintances, and relatives. They were eventually able to connect with Martin, who stated that they frequently had video conversations with Glover-Warren and that he was currently residing with his older sibling.

According to the investigators, Martin continued by claiming that Glover-Warren’s doctor had recommended she travel to Hawaii for her “mental health” Martin informed the officers that they wouldn’t be able to call Glover-Warren until January, the officers added.

On July 5, a friend sent investigators a message that appeared to have come from Glover-Warren, and that appeared to be when the case began to unravel. The acquaintance had received a picture that the sender had said was of a beach in Hawaii, but investigators claimed they had been able to identify it as a picture from a news story.

The texts that Glover-Warren sent to family members were all solicited, according to the police. The family members mentioned that based on Martin’s messages to them, they had assumed Glover-Warren had been in contact with authorities. Others claimed to have received messages confirming Glover-Warren’s attendance at a mid-May doctor’s appointment, despite the fact that the appointment had been canceled, according to the investigators.

Glover-Warren’s phone was able to be tracked down and linked to the house on Zachary Trail thanks to the police’ success in obtaining a search warrant. Detectives also discovered that posts on Glover-Warren’s social media accounts purporting to be from Hawaii were also made at the house.

After further investigation into Martin’s actions, it was discovered that he had fraudulently signed a $6,000 check in his mother’s name and withdrew “a significant amount” of money from Glover-Warren’s accounts.

Martin and the second adult child were discovered there after detectives were successful in getting a search warrant for the house. While police searched the house, Martin was taken in for questioning.

Soon after, they discovered Glover-Warren’s lifeless body bound by tape and wrapped in a moving blanket inside an upright freezer in the garage. The body’s accumulation of frost, according to the investigators, suggested that she had been in the freezer “for some time.”

According to the records, Martin admitted to having a “troubled relationship” with his mother, who he claimed had dementia. Additionally, he warned them that Glover-Warren might start acting violently and calling him names.

Martin allegedly told detectives that his mother had shoved him down patio steps and lunged at him with a knife the day before she died before turning around and entering the house again.

Martin allegedly informed the detectives that he then grabbed his mother by the back and began choking her, maintaining a firm hold even after she became asleep until Glover-Warren was dead. Martin allegedly told investigators that he threw a bag over his mother’s head because he was “unable to look at her because she had a single tear running down her cheek.”

According to the authorities, Martin claimed he cleaned out the freezer and put her inside. He also claimed to have bound her hand and wrapped the body in the blanket to make moving the body easier.

The other family member’s death on April 20 and the knowledge that his mother would have been expected to be there led detectives to conclude that Glover-Warren was slain on April 19. Martin told them he came up with the Hawaii narrative after learning of the other family member’s death on April 20.

According to the police, Martin also acknowledged using Glover-Warren’s debit card to make sizable transactions and repeatedly withdrawing cash from ATMs with the intention of starting a DJ business. He also claimed that he delayed coming forward because if he had, there would not have been enough money to pay for the house.

In this case, Martin is accused of several felonies, including murder with the intent to kill, mistreatment of a corpse, forgery, theft of goods, and fraudulent use of a credit or debit card. He is being held without bond in the Faulkner County Detention Center.


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