Arkansas introduces Act 734: A new measure against high-speed police pursuits


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Little Rock, Arkansas – Arkansas has bolstered its legal framework to curtail high-speed police pursuits.

The state has ratified Act 734, which imposes penalties on individuals attempting to elude law enforcement. Notably, any high-speed pursuit exceeding the stipulated speed limit now falls under a Class D felony.

State Police Director Mike Hagar has underscored the inherent risks such pursuits pose to suspects, law enforcement officers, and the general public.

Act 734 aims to dissuade potential offenders from initiating perilous high-speed chases, thereby enhancing public safety. Hagar emphasized the broader implications, noting that these chases jeopardize everyone, from those involved to unsuspecting citizens on the roadways.

Violators of this recently instituted law could face a Class D felony charge. Conviction might carry penalties, potentially including a prison sentence of up to six years.

While it remains to be seen if Act 734 will comprehensively eradicate high-speed pursuits, Hagar remains optimistic about its potential to foster safer road conditions in Arkansas. He further remarked on the severe repercussions of a felony charge, highlighting its capability to alter one’s life trajectory.


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