Bryant High School incident adds to growing safety concerns in Arkansas


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Little Rock, Arkansas – A central Arkansas high school student was arrested on Thursday afternoon when school resource officers discovered a loaded handgun in his vehicle.

The 17-year-old student from Bryant High School came under scrutiny after parking in the faculty area, leading officers to inspect his vehicle. Upon examination, a loaded firearm was found.

Following this discovery, the student was taken into custody and is set to face charges in the juvenile court system, as per the local authorities.

This incident aligns with a recent trend of security concerns in Arkansas schools. Earlier this week, a North Little Rock elementary student was found with a handgun on the first day of the academic year. The North Little Rock School District’s superintendent expressed the need to reassess student screening processes during entry into school premises.

In another incident, a Fort Smith high school student was arrested on Wednesday when a firearm was located in their backpack after the student was identified for vaping. The weapon was promptly seized, and the student faces felony charges.

Sheridan High School in Grant County saw increased law enforcement presence on Tuesday due to an “alarming video” raising safety apprehensions among the school community.

Additionally, Benton police charged a 61-year-old individual with issuing a false alarm after he allegedly threatened a local elementary school on Tuesday evening.


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