Little Rock drivers benefit from lower gas prices this week


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Little Rock, Arkansas – As managing gas prices remains a daily concern for many, recent data reveals a slight decrease in fuel costs nationally and in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Current Gas Price Trends

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the national average price for a gallon of regular-grade gasoline has seen a decrease over the past week. As of Monday, the price stands at $3.068 per gallon, down from last week’s average of $3.158. This reduction in the national average offers a small respite for drivers across the country.

In Arkansas, the trend of decreasing prices continues. The average cost for a gallon of gas was around $2.670 on Monday, showing a decline from the previous week’s average of $2.737. Specifically, in Little Rock, the average price was even lower at $2.621 per gallon, indicating that residents in the state’s capital are seeing slightly better prices compared to the state average.

Gas Prices Across Little Rock Stations

For those in Little Rock, it is beneficial to know the range of gas prices available at local stations. According to GasBuddy, prices in Little Rock range from $2.48 to $2.99. Here’s a list of some stations in Little Rock and their respective prices for different types of fuel:

  • Casey’s, 8101 Stagecoach Rd: Regular $2.48, Premium $3.08, Diesel $3.35
  • Sam’s Club, 900 S Bowman Rd: Regular $2.48, Premium $2.59
  • Murphy Express, 8800 Baseline Rd: Regular $2.48, Midgrade $2.78, Premium $3.08, Diesel $3.34
  • Murphy Express, 14701 Cantrell Rd: Regular $2.49, Midgrade $2.79, Diesel $3.67
  • Kroger, 14000 Cantrell Rd: Regular $2.49, Premium $3.09
  • Shell, 10105 I-30: Regular $2.49
  • RaceWay, 6425 S University Ave: Regular $2.49, Midgrade $2.89, Premium $3.19, Diesel $3.35
  • Exxon, 8822 Stagecoach Rd: Regular $2.49, Midgrade $2.86, Premium $3.16
  • Quick Fuel Mart, 13420 Otter Creek Pkwy: Regular $2.51, Midgrade $2.88, Premium $3.18

It’s crucial to note that gas prices are subject to frequent changes. Therefore, drivers are encouraged to check current prices before visiting a gas station.

The recent data suggests a favorable situation for drivers in Little Rock, with gas prices being slightly lower than both the national and state averages. The variability in prices across different stations in Little Rock highlights the importance of staying informed to make economical choices at the pump. Regular updates from reliable sources like AAA and GasBuddy can be valuable for drivers looking to optimize their fuel expenses.


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