Arkansas introduces new laws in 2024 impacting taxes, healthcare, and public safety


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Little Rock, Arkansas – Arkansas sees a range of new laws coming into force in 2024, bringing significant changes across various sectors, from tax reductions to public safety.

Notable Legislative Changes

Act 6: Tax Reductions One of the most significant changes is the implementation of Act 6, which aims to reduce income taxes in Arkansas. The personal income tax rate will be cut to 4.4% for those with a net income greater than $24,300, and the corporate income tax rate will be lowered to 4.8% for corporations with a net income over $11,000. Governor Sanders, who signed the bill on April 11, highlighted that this measure would result in $150 million in personal income tax cuts and $36 million in corporate income tax reductions.

Act 659 (Protect Arkansas Act) Act 659, known as the Protect Arkansas Act, mandates that individuals convicted of serious felony offenses, such as murder, rape, and sex crimes involving minors, serve their full sentences. Others convicted of lesser felonies will be required to serve at least 85% of their sentences.

Act 502: Access to Medical Records Changes in accessing medical records are introduced under Act 502. Healthcare providers are no longer obligated to provide physical copies of medical records if they are available online, nor are they required to provide electronic records.

Act 537: Support for Public Safety Employees Public safety employees, including police officers, firefighters, and national guardsmen, will be eligible for counseling after involvement in traumatic events, with potential coverage by their employer. The State Fire Prevention Commission will explore similar coverage for volunteer firefighters.

Act 192: Online Tax Filing Act 192 mandates that individuals with an average of $5,000 in gross receipts tax liability or monthly compensating use tax liability must file their taxes online. However, the fee for online filing may be waived in cases of undue hardship.

Other Notable Laws Several other laws are also set to take effect, including Act 316, which requires depression screenings for new mothers, and Act 8, which clarifies sentencing for felony offenses involving a firearm. Act 584 makes fentanyl felonies ineligible for early release, Act 202 mandates dementia training for law enforcement, and Act 106 revises unemployment benefit disqualifications.

These new laws reflect Arkansas’s commitment to evolving and adapting its legal framework to address current societal needs and challenges. For more detailed information on all the new laws taking effect in 2024, residents can refer to additional resources provided by the state.


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