Arkansas braces for more winter weather, ARDOT prepares resources


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Little Rock, Arkansas – As the ice and snow begin to recede, Arkansas is witnessing an improvement in road conditions, thanks to the relentless efforts of the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT). Dave Parker, a spokesperson for ARDOT, has provided an insight into the department’s ongoing operations and the anticipation of possible future weather challenges.

ARDOT’s crews have been diligently working around the clock, operating in 12-hour shifts to clear the snow and ice from the roadways. This intense effort has been pivotal in improving road safety and accessibility across the state. However, the respite might be brief as the forecast suggests the return of winter weather on Thursday, January 18.

In light of this, ARDOT is not letting its guard down and is actively preparing for the potential resurgence of icy conditions. “We are watching the forecast just like everyone else,” Parker stated, highlighting the department’s vigilance. He further added, “We are starting to replenish our supplies in anticipation of a little system coming in on Thursday.” This proactive approach demonstrates ARDOT’s commitment to being well-prepared for any weather-related challenges that may arise.

The department’s efforts also include collaborations with meteorologists to better prepare for the upcoming weather patterns. Despite the melting ice and improved road conditions, Parker emphasizes the need for continued caution among drivers. He points out that “there are some trouble spots, some slick spots” still present on the roads. ARDOT is addressing these areas by applying sand and salt to enhance traction and safety.

Particularly in Central Arkansas and regions towards the Southeast, near Memphis, the roads are still recovering from recent snowfall. Parker advises drivers to remain cautious: “Still take it slow today and get through this.” His advice reflects a broader message of safety and vigilance as Arkansas navigates the tail end of a challenging winter period and prepares for the possibility of more inclement weather.


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